Master Class Tasting Session

We are offering you the opportunity to participate in our Master Class tasting session in our tasting room.


We offer both wine connoisseurs and novices the opportunity to learn about the art of wine tasting by discovering Dom Brial wines.


An introduction to the basics of wine tasting will take place through the sensory analysis of our wines (visual, olfactory and taste analyses).


You will be taught about oenological vocabulary and invited to discover the diversity of our terroirs and our grape varieties, giving you a new perspective on our wines.


We also offer Themed Master Class Tasting Sessions:

Vertical Tasting for Domaine Château Les Pins (Reds);

Vertical Tasting for Domaine Château Les Pins (Whites);

Vertical Tasting for Rivesaltes Grandes Réserves (Natural Sweet Wines)

"Discovery of the World of Natural Sweet Wines" Tasting Session


Duration: 2 hours

Information: Booking required, subject to availability.

Admission: €20 per person


Master Class Tasting Session for groups of 10 persons minimum:


We can organise a Master Class on request, or a themed introduction to wine-tasting

Duration: 2 hours

Admission: €20 per person, booking required.