Le Crest Petit

With a view to preserving our rural heritage, we have re-established our activities across 7 hectares which dominate the villages of Baixas and Crest Petit, a viticultural mosaic that is typical of the Mediterranean backcountry with its vineyards, holm oak thickets and olive groves. In this place where time has stood still, we wanted to bring viticulture and traditional know-how to the fore.


In order to preserve a unique rural heritage, the existing elements have been painstakingly restored. We have rearranged this site to best reflect its original appearance. We undertook restoration work on the existing old low stone walls, an Orry (stone hut), and the ruins of an old limestone quarry, an activity in Baixas that dates back to the Middle Ages. We replanted olive trees, holm oaks and seeded wild flowers, among other initiatives.


Across the 4 hectares of replanted vineyard we have prioritised the use of cane (2 m post on which the vine grows). This technique enables the best quality grapes to be obtained, thanks to a greater distribution of the foliage, made possible by carefully lifting and binding the vine. This enables optimum sun capture and photosynthesis.


On this dry, shallow soil, the vine is cultivated using traditional techniques that respect this superb environment.


A marked path takes visitors across the vineyard, and information signage reveals the secrets of the vine and winegrowers throughout the walking route. At the end, in front of a viewpoint indicator, you can admire a unique panorama across Roussillon plain, taking in the sea, Mount Canigou and the Pyrenees.