Our commitment

Renewable energies
Since its creation in 1923, Dom Brial has been committed to ongoing development. Today it brings together 247 winegrowers who work 2,100 hectares, resulting in an average annual yield of 85,000 hectolitres.

But beyond facts and figures, it is the values of solidarity, equality, responsibility and conservation of our heritage that underpin Vignobles Dom Brial and give the collective its authentic, meaningful identity.


Pioneers in the field
Through our strategic positioning, the nature of our energy consumption tools and our proactive role within the production chain, the Dom Brial winery and our winegrowers were early adopters of the sustainable development approach in all its different guises: from environmental, social, technological and economic, through to regulatory aspects. It therefore goes without saying that we are one of the pioneers of Sustainable Development.

Controlled development
Our collective development has been monitored and approved by the Institut Coopératif du Vin [Cooperative Wine Institute] and this makes Dom Brial one of the first 5 stakeholders in the viticulture sector to sign up to the Vignerons en Développement Durable [Growers In Sustainable Development] initiative (http://www.v-dd.com/fr/).

This ensures our current needs are met without compromising the heritage of the next generation as a result of uncontrolled production.  A vision of progress, which is pivotal to the development of any society, as well as the concept of stability of skills and the potential offered to future generations.

Campaign work
We all know alcohol abuse is harmful to our health, so with this in mind, we make spittoons available to visitors during our tasting sessions, to ensure you can discover our wines safely. We hope that you enjoy our wines but suggest they are consumed in moderation, savouring each sip so as enhance your taste experience. We would also like to remind you that the consumption of alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even at low quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of your unborn child.