Our know-how

Our principle: to create the best wine, as often as nature permits, and based on all the natural qualities of its terroir.

We know the power of cooperation: that which in 1923 saw our winery created around several winegrowers who shared the same core values of quality, equality and solidarity. This philosophy has been passed down through the generations, with each new generation providing their contribution to establishing the necessary conditions to foster the implementation of these principles.

Very early on, in 1963, our collective undertook a strategy to create added value by packaging our first cuvées (mainly in the Natural Sweet Wines category).

Then, in 1977, through the acquisition of the “Côtes du Roussillon Villages” Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), new technical requirements emerged, which resulted in the implementation of designated plots and the production of cuvées from these specific plots.

At the request of the winegrowers, these conditions quickly extended across our entire product offering, at the same time imposing differentiated remuneration and the implementation of supply contracts.

At the current time we are developing a “Côtes du Roussillon Villages Communale” AOC, in recognition of our know-how and our terroir, combining traditional extraction methods, including the maceration of whole bunches of grapes.

But our know-how does not stop there, it is pivotal across the Natural Sweet Wines category, for which we are one of the main producers, with a cultivation capacity in excess of 600,000 litres aged in wood for Rivesaltes AOC.

Combined with a high-yield technique, and managed by technicians that are leaders in their field, very early on in the process we wanted to establish and provide assurance of our expertise and know-how by being ISO 9001 certified, as well as guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of our productions by becoming IFS certified (across our entire site and all activities).